This is where I shall be posting any exposure slave’s image. If any of you would like to appear here then do message me on Twitter. You will pay a fee to appear here in the form of pic or vid clip and I shall also write a few basic details such as your submissive name and age and any other details and if you have not entered in to any session with me then a fee is required for removal. 

Craving MORE than this? Try my exposure contract purchase where you will listen to me tempt you in to signing on the dotted line and once done your pic will STAY up for the designated time. No pay out option….

Add to your personal wish list!



This sissy has been in the closet for many years. What do you all think of her choice of panties?



This aspiring sissy slut played my ‘ Blackmail Diet ‘ game and she knows that if I do not see much evidence of those lbs dropping then a full uncensored face pic will be on here next along with other details. Time for the salad…..



Here is Sissy Brittany looking like her filthy self. The image on the right is what her step-mom sees every day. Imagine how shocked and disappointed step-mom would be if she saw that slut pic!!




Here is Slutty Chloe once again and busy practising her blowjob skills whilst listening to her custom mantra. Homework for next session is all about makeup  😉



Posh Schoolie Chloe is coming along nicely and getting sluttier each time we chat. What will she get up to next?

Chloe is so posh that I felt it necessary for her to undergo etiquette training. She is currently learning about how a lady should walk and practising whilst balancing 2 hardback books on her head. We shall see how it goes….



Here is Jay ( aka Tiny ) once again begging for more exposure. He knows full well that his pathetic shrimp dick will NEVER satisfy any woman. This is left to all the hot, hung alphas out there who are the polar opposite to him lol. Instead, Jay should be on his knees sucking these alpha cocks and warming them up for a hot, busty babe ….


The flyer says it all lol 😉



Here is Sissy Slut Ian, a tiny cock and balled white sissy. She is a pathetic beta who dreams of worshipping BBC and frequently jerks off to interracial cuckold porn whilst thinking about her long gone ex…..


Here is Sissy in her favourite tutu. She dreams of going to beginner ballet class and dancing for real. I wonder what her posh work colleagues would say if they knew they worked alongside an adult sissy baby?



“One ancient, slutty sissy – working on ultimate fantasy: being controlled by a beautiful woman who controls my destiny. Oh my Miss Blue Satin is perfect.”


This Sissy is desperate to try cock. It’s all she thinks about despite being dressed in wifey’s clothing. It’s time she got on her knees and slid a thick throbbing length between her glossy lips…


This virgin wears his diaper every single night. No sign of getting laid any time soon then…








































4 thoughts on “EXPOSED BLOG”

  1. Miss Blue Satin you are amazing, please take me deeper down the rabbit hole of ownership. Be careful guys once she gets you, you will be hooked. I love her
    slave dave x

    1. Sissy Chloe hopes her exposure pics are amusing to Miss Blue Satin…
      And maybe provoke a reaction in other viewers!
      Who thinks Chloe should be kept in long term chastity?
      Let her know.
      Sissy Chloe

  2. Please bring a smile to lips of Miss Blue Satin by sharing any interesting , depraved or just naughty things that you would like to see Chloe “enjoy”.
    Would any alphas or Dominas like to hear her beg for …
    Bondage, to be used, to be caged …
    To be exposed.
    Please , Chloe is still shy and needs encouraging. Make Miss Blue Satin giggle at her sissy skoolie’s humiliation.
    Chloe. xxx

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