Hello Sissy. I know that the thought of blackmail-fantasy and having all those
sissy pics, videos and details posted online for all to see gets you beyond
excited. Perhaps no-one even knows you are a sissy or just one or two close
friends, so we are going to play a game where I ask a series of questions.
Some will require answers and personal details, others a media file since there
are one or two tasks in there also. For each submission you will pay a small
tribute but it will be soo worth it right? Are you ready to play this risque game?



We both know that you find the idea of BLACKMAIL incredibly arousing. So far you
have dabbled in a bit of fantasy BLACKMAIL only but now you need more and the
allure of signing a BLACKMAIL contract is becoming ever more tempting. By the end
of this mind fucking clip you WILL be itching to sign on the dotted line and live life in
the fast lane of BLACKMAIL. The risk is the turn on after all…