You’ve imagined having that little dicklet of yours exposed online for however long, maybe even years. The thought of anyone you know seeing the images is both truly terrifying and incredibly arousing at the same time. Now I can completely make this intense fantasy a reality by exposing you on my blog. It can even be done instantly, right now. Are you willing to finally do this?


The day started as usual with you earning some cash by doing a bit of decorating over at my house. We were neighbours and had become good friends so I felt completely happy leaving you to work upstairs whilst I entertained a group of my close female friends over. Of course it wasn’t long till we were gossiping and giggling and having a ball so it was quite some time later that I remembered you were still upstairs. I decided to take you up some refreshments, only to discover you were in my bedroom sniffing a pair of my dirty panties and jerking off! I was livid but this feeling quickly abated when I noticed just how lacking in manhood you actually were and I was about to call ALL the girls up…
Includes laughing sound effect.