It all began with your very first session with me for strapon training. You had never slid as much as a finger inside that hole so were understandably nervous, as anyone would be, however the sight of me clad in a tight curve enhancing latex dress and wearing the strapon soon got your cock twitching and heart racing with anticipation .
Upon lying down you notice me holding a tiny little bottle which I inform you is poppers before unscrewing the lid with the pungent aroma immediately making itself known and then the rest is history….;)


You spend more than just a few short hours a week stroking and edging and GOONING over porn, but I want more. Now it’s time to be MIND FUCKED in to making GOONING your FULL TIME thing to do! Nothing else will be anywhere near as important. STROKE, EDGE, GOON every day ALL day. Of course GOONERS do not get to cum and instead are in such a state of high arousal that they simply have to GOON even MORE!



Every time you hear my soft, sexy Scottish voice your cock grows hard and you are under my spell, so I have decided that from now on you should listen to this recording, be seduced in to sending cash and then cumming. CASH FOR CUM. Stroke, edge, send…..CUM
surround sound, binaural beats, instructional, mesmerize